7 comments on “Two Steps From Hell – Battlecry (2015)

      • hey i downloaded both this one and Skyworld but seems like the system is detecting a little error and blocking the files in a certain way,i was going into prefferences to try and change the tags but noticed at the botton says ****this file came from another computer and may be blocked to secure this one***** so my question is is the any coded or stream node etc EXTRA attached to the files? which shoudnt be, i dont understand much of if, im a security freak :,,) …but still is detected by the system. The files worked great the played even with the security issue, which is not a pop up or anyhing is simply just laying at the botton end when u click prefferences, i never gave it full permission and unblocked it, that why i hope someone here replies and helps me with this so i can redownload it because they are great.


  1. OOOOOHHHH MY GOD!!!! You made it! I don’t know who you are but you made my day. So much better sounding than plain 16bit 44khz. 24bit 48 is far better. With a quality dac and headphone is quite a difference! Thanks!!!


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